Spectral Hearing

Even at a very early age I found that quietly listening to certain sounds would take me to places of stillness where time, space, and mind don't go. When I learned TM, this effect was magnified and it was then that I realized the very important connection between sound, meditation and psychic awareness.

Spectral hearing is the ability to hear and discern the rich multi-harmonic spectrum contained within even the most simplest of sounds as a symphony of individual and separate tones even though the sound is being emitted by a single sound source.  Some sounds are richer in harmonics than others but all sound contains harmonics no matter what its source is.

While learning to tune pianos, Ben discovered his hearing was different. This realization came to Ben while trying to explain to his teacher what he was hearing when trying to tune two notes on the piano to the interval of a perfect fifth. Ben's teacher was explaining how to listen to “the beat” phenomenon which is a pulsation that speeds up or slows down depending on how close to perfect unison two different sound frequencies are with each other.

"I could hear the beat effect well enough to discern it, but found another effect much more prominent to my ears which I believe my teacher was not perceiving.   I have since discovered that this ability can be learned and developed over time but you have to know what to listen for."  The effect is a subtle but rich chord like sound caused by the cascading waves of each note's harmonic spectrum crossing over and intermingling with each other, creating a symphony of arpeggio like sounds that change as you raise or lower the pitch of either note of the harmonic interval.

The effect can be exaggerated or suppressed by electronic phase shifting and digital delay devices or even microphones placed in certain positions.  Spectral hearing has helped reveal profound insights into the study of electronic music and the nature of sound, acoustics, and psychoacoustics. Spectral awareness eventually leads to an intuitive understanding of the healing and spiritual nature of sound.