About Ben

Ben is a composer, musician, vibrational healer, Reiki practitioner, and harmonic alchemist. His music combines classical and folk traditions from around the world, with Jazz, electro-acoustic music, and the blues.

For Ben, the study of music and sound have been an inseparable passion both as sacred art and mystical science. In High School, Ben trained as a piano tuner, electronics technician, and audio engineer and got a chance to hone these skills working for the local piano tuner, producing a radio show for his high school, and later working as an audio engineering research assistant while attending college in Boston.

Ben came to Boston initially to study music and later computer science. He holds a Bachelor of music composition from the New England Conservatory and studied music privately with his mentor, dearest friend, and God Father of his sons; Dr. Joseph Gabriel Maneri.

In November 2003, Ben co-founded the Sound Healing Network (www.SoundHealingNetwork.org) with Dr. Michelle Herrera Foster, and served on its board of directors until the summer of 2009.

In 2004 Ben was invited with his band “Blue Gate” to perform for the United Nations in a “Music for Peace” concert.

Ben co-hosted a Harmonic Visioning Workshop for three years, between 2002 and 2004 at the International Spirituality in the Workplace conference hosted by Babson College, Wellesley Massachusetts.

Ben's work has been demonstrated to promote problem-solving skills, creativity, and teamwork. It has been described as:

“Moving... Powerful...  Uplifting..."

"Makes you feel like a tree with deep roots."

"Brings the group together in an experience that overcomes separation and builds team building on a deep primal level."

"The music takes you to a different level of communication that is transformative."

Ben's primary mission in life is to bridge the gap between music, science and healing and share his vision of transforming health, consciousness, and world peace through sound and music.

Ben performs and collaborates, with sound healers, metaphysical musicians, artists, actors, dancers... everyone.

Ben dreams of a time where folks can practice together the principles of simple living, high thinking, awakening, understanding, connecting, loving, and body-soul transformation.