Ben's Spiritual Path

Since childhood, Ben has been attracted, mesmerized, and influenced by, esoteric arts, science, and metaphysics. Through chance encounters, and open doorways, diverse disciplines from around the world have entered and manifested in interesting ways.

Some of these experiences inspired research into the possibilities of music and sound for healing, meditation, communication, and transformational work.

In the early 70’s Ben was initiated into Transcendental Meditation and later refined that through the practice of Kriya Yoga under Brahmachari Keith, a disciple in the linage of Swami Yogananda Paramhansa.

During this same period Ben became acquainted with African shamanic musical traditions through a chance musical encounter, and later through follow up research at the Library of Congress, and an African cultural museum in our nation's capital.

Using extended vocal techniques as artistic expression as well as a form of harmonic meditation or visioning has always struck a chord with me. African musical tradition is rich with harmonic - multiphonic singing. This harmonically rich world speaks a hidden language filled with mystery and dreams. It has been a major influence on music and drama play since childhood.

While studying at The New England Conservatory, Ben discovered and became mesmerized by Tibetan chant. This initial experience led to the discovery of other similar metaphysical musical traditions around the world outside of Africa. The introduction to Tibetan chant was most profound and was my first formal introduction to a vibrational art/science closely aligned to the Indian vedic traditions.

Through the relationship of Tibetan chant, and aspects of Kriya Yoga, a profound discovery was made connecting Pranayama breath techniques with singing and playing of musical instruments. This powerful energetic approach to art opens up doors and unlocks connections that have profound transformative effects on ones life. Many Classical Indian and Sufi Musicians mostly know this as its never been lost from their culture.

Our world has once again evolved to an age where the all-powerful (Mahejdhi) ancient arts are being re-introduced and many individuals like Ben around the globe have begun to “awaken” to this wisdom/knowledge simultaneously. Ben’s dream is to bring the inner wisdom and spiritual techniques of sound and vibration into the world through a community of sound healers, metaphysical musicians, artists, actors, dancers, everyone; a dream where folks can practice together the principals of simple living, high thinking, awakening, understanding, connecting, loving, and body-soul transformation. This is Ben's dream of commitment and contribution to the fulfillment of Paramhansa Yogananda’s original dream of “world-brotherhood colonies”.