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This blog is an experiment in self publishing. I created it primarily to present, develop, publish, and promote a new book I am currently writing.

The book, (and this blog) is titled: “Harmonic Alchemy” (The Secrets of the Universe Hidden Within a Song). It is an artist/alchemist's presentation of the most powerful and abundant phenomena throughout our universe(s), “Harmonic Resonance”, and in particular the nature of its essence within Chakras manifesting everywhere.

Mastery of the art/science of Harmonic Resonance with respect to the balanced attunements of its inherent sacred geometric principals, will result in freedom from limitation and the birth of a wonderful new interface with abundance far beyond our present reality.

We will learn to do this using simple sound vibration, color, or electromagnetics. This is the application of harmonic alchemy. Properly guided, harmonic alchemy is a vehicle of transformation and communication to universal knowledge, proactive wellness, and true life purpose.

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