Saturday, July 16, 2011

Harmonic Attunement Message - Cancer Full Moon 2011

Since November of 2010 we have been coming together on Sunday Mornings closest to the full moon at the Buddha Barn on Orcas Island to create sacred space together in sound and spirit to share our intentions both inwardly and outwardly for healing and transformation.

Since October 2002 I have been guided to bring people together through the ancient power of harmonic resonance.  Mostly through our own voices, but also through the sounds and interactions of sounds we create outside of our voices.  It has been a wonderful journey, a journey of powerful discoveries, a place where many fears have been dispelled, where hope has been kindled, where dreams have been brought ablaze.

I have been lead to use the talents which were given to me from birth to help myself and others re-discover that which we are all seeking but for some reason keep looking hopelessly outwardly to find somewhere else, some place we have not quite gotten to yet.  This place we are all seeking is not out there somewhere... its a place we all knew when we were very very young but we all have forgotten this place.

As we grew up in our modern world that is so powerful at creating diversion, giving us the rules of what we "should" and "shouldn't" do based on a model of what our society, religion, teachers, parents, all have decided what is supposed to be, based on this theory, or that theory, what will be the most productive, what will be the most successful, what will be the most beautiful, on and on... who really knows?  Who came up with all this?  Look what its lead the world into now!!!

Nope... I think most of us by now know that's not the answer...  Its kind of a scary thought.  All the leaders in the world don't seem to have an answer.  The answer is not out there... its inside each and every one of us.  We have built up powerful masks and armor to keep the authentic truth about ourselves locked safely inside.  Away from harm, away from recognition.  We are so good at this that we no longer know who we truly are anymore...  We have a beautiful brand and label but our true ingredients have not been disclosed.

I have learned the most powerful thing I can do to break the barriers and find my true authentic self is to let go completely of all defenses, to begin singing with all my heart open for all to see, to dance and play like a child forgetting about what anyone might think, what they may say or do, to let go completely and allow my inner voice to lead the way to true freedom.

Its VERY SCARY to let go completely to give up all defenses, and I smashed my face several times throughout my life... but that is because I lost the vision... I stopped believing.  I worried and fretted about everything I have been taught, everything that I had planned, everything that was the smart choice, the practical choice.  Everything that would not make me happy at the end of the day.  That is not success.  Its a facade of success.  Success is felt inside, not outside.

Harmonic Attunements are for breaking down the knotted barriers that have been built up all around us.  We can do this by allowing ourselves to connect with something that we all have basic within us, something that is already there, not something we have to strive to obtain but something so basic to us all.

It is an ancient science, and ancient technology but no education is needed because we already know it deep within our authentic selves.  I began to write a book titled "Harmonic Alchemy" this book would contain all the secrets... but as I began writing the book I realized that the knowledge is not out there...  Its inside... You cannot get it from a book... A book will only slow you down... Find it inside yourself.

The blueprint for the universe is within us all!  It will all be revealed to us the more we allow ourselves to turn inward to it.  Making sound is the fastest way to get there of all the meditation methods I have ever tried.  That path is evolving faster and faster...

In these current times we are evolving so fast that many of us are running scared as fast as we can in the opposite direction.   Its a defense mechanism... don't fight it.. let go and let it happen... its going to be beautiful!  Don't cover it up with drugs or other obsessions.  Don't cover it up with strict yogic practices.  Don't throw yourself into a busy but unfulfilled career.  Let yourself fall in love with that deep love that is growing within your heart...  Let it lead you to where you are truly searching.  It may be a rough road at first, but stick with it.. Your heart knows the way you will be truly fulfilled.

We only need to let ourselves sing, cry, dance, move, let go...  The knowledge of how to do this more effectively will grow each time we allow ourselves to do it.  If we do it with reservation, we are fighting.  But that is ok... don't stop... keep doing it anyway...  Eventually fear and reservation will fall away, we will forget what we were fighting.  The sound of harmonic resonance within our own voices and the sacred geometry of our own movement will begin to do its magic and healing work on us.  We will begin to remember that which we forgot long ago.

Eventually it will be easy and compelling to enter into a state of complete surrendering... When you feel a bit naughty and excited while your are doing it you are on the right track!  Keep going!  You are going in the best direction...  Your direction...  Your authentic direction!  If you feel a burden, you are going the wrong way... no matter how hard it is, the way of your heart will never be a burden.  It will be your source of inner strength!

Harmonic Blessings and Love,