Sunday, September 11, 2011

The truth about 2012. Is the sky falling?

You know the story about Chicken Little?  "The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!"

Lately I have been reading all kinds of web posts about invisible planets, comets, or neutron stars that are coming to destroy us all!  All kinds of apocalyptic stories are in the news these days and its time to say something about all of this nonsense!

There is absolutely NOTHING in the Mayan prophecy about a mass destruction of our planet or solar system!  The Mayan prophecy and many other parallel prophecies from other traditions around the world all talk about a coming T R A N S F O R M A T I O N, not a destruction.  That transformation is happening within us all.  Its happening on the inside...

Our civilization is NOT coming to an end.  We are not about to witness some celestial event that will cause an apocalypse or mass extinction.  We are the lucky generations!  In spite of all the confusion, suffering, turmoil, natural, and planned disasters taking place in our world today we are also witnessing and experiencing a great spiritual, mental, AND physical transformation of the entire human race.  This great transformation is effecting all life in our solar system for that matter. 

When this current transformation is complete, (which began almost 20 years ago) there will be no more war, or conflict.  We will all be transformed in love and our new world a paradise of beauty and peace.  Universal peace and love will no longer be an ideal, it will be the default.  We will have Heaven on earth in every sense of what that can mean.

We have major challenges and mega work to do however...  The butterfly is emerging and many on the dark side want to throw it on the ground and squash it before it gets a chance to finish the transformation!  They are afraid because they have learned how to manipulate the world well through past ages and don't want to loose that after all the rules of the game change.

We all know...  everyone...  dark and light... that the entire game itself is changing.  All the power, and wealth in the world cannot prevent what is now happening.  This transforming evolutionary essence is coming directly from the center of our galaxy.   All living things in our solar system are effected.  Our DNA contains dormant code that is now waking up and changing us into completely new creatures.

Our sexual differences are slowly, (now more quickly) dissolving.  We are loosing our sense of individuality and separateness as we slowly develop into more of a hive mind.  Each of our individual conscious minds are slowly melting into awareness of a greater connection... one in the same with all life throughout the galaxy.  Eventually we will all begin to realize our galaxy is a singular conscious entity and that our minds and bodies are all part of this giant singular conscious entity just as you can feel individual parts of your own body connected to your whole being.

The tower tarot card was dealt beginning in the mid 60's and later marked by the harmonic convergence in 1987.  Its the beginning of the end for all in power and wealth and that card is playing out now stronger than ever right now.  Its going to mean disaster for those who currently enjoy the most opulence, and hard times at best for anyone still asleep and in denial to the changes going on all around them.

There are many among us now who have not been afraid to become fully awakened. We are letting go of old familiar ways, and beginning to embrace a growing survival instinct to come together, trust each other authentically, and build new collaborative community conscious collective lifestyles in balance, partnership, and respect for all of mother nature, not just our own kind.

We have become courageous and have surrendered, to the changes going on within and without.  We are ready to fully embrace this shift in consciousness.  We are beginning to recognize each other with an intimacy that connects us even closer than the family instinct of past ages connected us with our blood lines.

Since the 80's we have been dealt the star tarot card.  Most of us have suffered in bondage to those with all the power and wealth for thousands of years.  But the tables are now turning in our favor... "Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth" - Matthew (Sermon on the Mount).

The dark forces will no longer be at war with the light once the shift is complete.  Darkness and light separated and became adversaries thousands of years ago but now these two opposing camps will be melding back together with the return of the 5th element.

The 5th element will restore balance through the power of absolute unblemished love.  It is the child like innocent love that will bring us all back together and finally destroy fear and judgement.  This is the symbolic return of the garden of Eden.

The 5th element is the archetype of dimensional transcendence that has been missing from our collective consciousness for so long!  It is a metaphysical element not a physical one like hydrogen or oxygen.  Scientist are now beginning to discover anomalies within the discipline of Quantum Physics attributed to this 5th element archetype. 

We could not understand these anomalies in the past because the 5 element archetype was still hidden from our consciousness during those ages.  Since the middle of the 19th century, and much more now with the dawn of the 21st century, our collective consciousness has expanded and scientist are beginning to sort out this behavior with a new vision.  They are comming up with a completely new form of mathematics that explains this new transcendental, elusive, multidimensional nature.

These new discoveries are going to change all of our current understandings about everything, especially our current belief about the BIG BANG and the origin of our own known universe.  Modern science is beginning to see beyond the veil of our space time reality and will be able to peer into or even travel into other parallel dimensions.

If something can travel inter dimensionally, it can use that ability to take shortcuts through other dimensions, effectively traveling faster than the speed of light.  According to Einstein and current main stream scientific understanding, if something can travel faster than the speed of light, it will effectively be traveling backwards through time as well.

Over the next decade we will begin to "focus our microscopes", do more scientific experimentation, and create resultant technologies making time and interdimensional travel an everyday possibility.

These discoveries are all outward physical signs of the more profound evolutionary changes going on deep within us.  From a molecular level more and more of us are waking up to a feeling and physical awareness beyond our own 3 dimensional existence!  This awareness was always there for a few enlightened individuals, and shamans throughout the ages, but more and more of us are now being born with these abilities and its now reaching a critical mass among us all.  Its where our concept of "spirituality" comes from and obviously all religions talk of gods, spirits, and beings able to transcend time and space.

After the shift, darkness and light will no longer be separate... no dualism, no judgement of good or bad.  Knowledge of good and evil came with the fall.  It was a trick, an illusion that we needed to be able to survive those ages and get to where we are today.

Eventually our scientific knowledge will come to the understanding that matter and energy are all constructs and that our universe is nothing more than a smoke and mirrors trick.  The reality we currently see, touch, and feel is a very small piece of a much larger multidimensional reality in constant flux.

Like a beautiful butterfly we are breaking out of the old mold as new transformed beings and we will soon be flying far beyond the reaches of our old familiar world.

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