Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cosmic Allignment?

Happy New Moon fellow moon beam surfers!

So today is the day after the cosmic alignment... Or what actually did happen yesterday anyway?  It was a very contemplative time for me as this whole week has been actually!

Here is something very interesting to read during this dark moon day:  http://www.realitysandwich.com/Alex_Grey_Mind_Parasites

From my earliest recollections of childhood experiences, I have always always pledged to be in alignment with the highest good of all.  I have dedicated and surrendered my deepest intentions, governing values, and shared merits to the empowerment and uplifting of all life in the universe. 

Now with all that said, I admit life can be a very rough road at times.  I have had my dark moments like everyone else.  But even in my darkest kicking and screaming hour, I have always kept the commitment to the highest good for all deep within my heart!

There have been times in my life where I became strongly aware of parasitic entities such as described by Alex Grey's vision above.  I have learned over many years how to shield myself from such dark beings.  I have many unseen guides, ancestors, and loving spirits with me always who protect and guide me.

The fact is this: Energy is constantly flowing through us as we surf through the cosmic source reality of everything.  It is not stored up within us in such a way that we can be drained (like you see in so many video games).  Any sort of parasitic feeding will not deplete, since the source of energy is infinite. 

If you feel depleted... understand that is an illusion.  We feel this desperation psychologically because we have been exposed all our lives to the every day experience of the physical cycle of life and death.

In true reality, life and death are only cycles we travel on a greater journey which is infinite!  If you can let go of that concept, you will find true peace!

What actually happens is dark entities have self deluded themselves and cut themselves off through seduction of the ego.  They no longer see that through absolute love our cups are ever overflowing and we do not need to hoard since all is abundance! 

Because of their blindness and hardened hearts, these dark entities feel desperate to attach themselves to others bright energy centers (the beautiful flowers blooming) and drink from that.  Life force energy is everywhere and is multidimensional!

If these dark entities are able to reverse and deflate their self created delusions, returning to their original self loving beauty they would see their own energy centers connected already to all the abundance of the universe, and realize they have been living in a self created illusion of separation.

They will begin to see their own beautiful flowers blooming within the garden of light and abundance around them and their self appointed darkness will lift.  Their metaphoric ugly appearance will be transformed into metaphoric beauty, and rather than being parasitic they turn the whole picture around and begin exploring and sharing their own energetic creation with all the beauty and life all around them.

You know... Life can get so serious at times! I find humor to be the cure for pretty much everything!

Finding a bottle on the beach, Jake uncorks it and releases a genie.

"Ah, now you get three wishes," says the genie.
"Great!" Jake replies. "First, I want one billion dollars."
Poof! There's a flash, and a paper with Swiss bank account numbers appears in Jake's hand.

"Next, I want a nice ocean-side house in Hawaii."
Poof! Another flash, and he is holding the deed to an ocean side property in Hawaii.

"Finally," Jake says, "I want to be irresistible to women."
Poof! There's another blinding flash ...and Jake turns into a box of chocolates.

Laughter is the shortest distance between two hearts!  Keep on smiling :-)

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