Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Dream - 2010 Dec 21 - Full Moon Eclipse - Winter Solstice

My Dream - 2010 Dec 21 - 6AM Tuesday Morning on the Winter Solstice - Shortly after the total eclipsed full moon.  2010=3 - December=3 - 21=3 6AM=3+3   (3-3-3-3-3) a pentangle with triangles on each point.

Over the years I have learned the power of using Tibetan singing bowls by placing them on my chest or heart chakra to augment my chanting meditation practice.  For the past month or so... since starting these Full Moon Harmonic Attunement, Soundscape Visioning sessions at the Buddha Barn, I have been augmenting my morning chakra chanting meditations by using 3 Tibetan bowls balanced over me in close proximity to chakras [1,2], [3,4] and [5,6,7] respectively.

The vibrations of these bowls go into my body like vortex focal magnets to ground, open, and activate respective chakras through harmonic resonance as I chant the sacred vowel mantras.  I do this very very slowly at first and progressively change the chanting rhythm, dynamics, resonance, and multiphonics in parallel to my pranic breathing.

This practice fully couples my life body with the life body of our mother earth and an immensely powerful pranic energy field, - (which is always present with and around us but much less weaker during normal day to day experience) - begins to amplify and surge extremely powerfully throughout my body.  I feel this energy field so powerfully that it shakes me violently and the bowls often fall off clanging together at times.

The bowls fall off... not from hitting them too hard... but rather from sudden violent shaking of my body as a result of a strong current flow triggered by the very slightest soft hit from the mallet coupled with a subtle but precise utterance from my voice.  Its as if someone hit me with a pulse from that cardiac jump start machine.  I just pick them up and continue to receive the powerful stuff...

I am learning how to relax through my breathing to regulate, and channel the energy in beneficial ways which transform the violent jolting waves into much more manageable warm but very dynamic and effective smooth waves.  It is this managed and directed flow that I feel is working to repair damaged cells and processes within my own body or within the body of someone I am doing distance healing on.

Doing that makes it even more powerful!  Its so energizing and filling me up so much that I feel I can do anything with it.  I use intention to do things with the highest good for all in mind always.  This energy is much to powerful to mess with in anything but the highest intentions of love.  But that is not a problem as I am filled with so much love that all I want to do is go out and help everyone and everything in any way that I can.  "Its a wonderful life" here on Orcas these days.  Think I will go out and lasso the moon now... :)

This morning after my chakra chanting meditation session, I dosed off to sleep and had a very profound dream..  This dream was very lucid and cannot be an accident especially falling on the morning of the Winter Solstice as well as the last full moon of 2010 and a total eclipse as well!  I believe its a positive message of conformation for us both about things to come as well as responsibilities we will have..

In my dream I was going to the airport with my friend Samara to see her off to Hawaii... When we got there, there was this big colorful, musical, fiesta going on at one of the airline terminals... This terminal was outside however and there was a high chain link fence surrounding the entire area preventing access by folks who were not supposed to be there.

Some how I got separated from Samara in the confusion...  When I finally saw her later she was on the other side of the chain link fence with a bunch of Mayan woman who were fussing over her... They were all sitting around her on a beautifully decorated structure (like a fancy float that you would see in a parade)

They had Samara all dressed up with colorful clothing and a ceremonial hat on her head.  She was laughing and being silly...  She looked SO HAPPY there... I could not get in because there was a fence... She saw me and said  "Oh Ben!... there you are!... hurry up!  You are late!"  Then while pointing in the direction I was supposed to go.. she giggled and laughed at me...  "Ha ha... fooled you again Ben"  I guess she knew something about this that I didn't.

I turned and went in the direction Samara had been pointing.  Soon I came to a gate in the fence... it was open... There was a little shrine just on the inside of the fence... Actually this shrine looked like a puppet theater.  Sticking out of the curtains was a very colorful and strange looking bird carved out of wood with a funny looking curved beak...  If this bird was a puppet he/she was not moving but the birds eyes looked wild and mysterious and no matter what angle you looked from it looked like the bird was staring right at you with great intensity!  It was hard to look away as if I was being hypnotized.  I was a little bit nervous that the bird may move or talk to me at some point...

There were also signs on the left and right side of the bird... I was trying to read the sign written in some alien language.  Not like Native American... something from outer space.  While I was trying to make it out... some men came up to me... I think they were medicine men...  One of them motioned to the others and then approached me and put his arm around me pulling me away to face in another direction so I was not directly looking at the shrine and bird any more but still close by it.

This man started reciting something under his breath and was touching me with some sort of wand or shaker with a stone tied to its end...  He was touching me in several places on my body (chakra areas).  His touching me with this stick like this was kind of embarrassing and a little bit uneasy as I am very sensitive to touching and stuff like that.

Then the first man stepped away and another man came up to do the same thing...  Several men did this one after the other, and then one of them was an African man... (was he Ephat Mujuru?)  I started crying when this black man came up to me... He said "Don't cry Ben!  This is a wonderful time for you!"  I said no... they are not sad... They are tears of love. 

He (Ephat?) said  "yes...  much love!  You are ready now"  I said to him "I love you... and... I am a bit uneasy about this touching... Especially when you touch me down there...  But I know its good and I am honored by it..."  He said "Don't worry... Your experience is normal...  We all feel a bit defensive the same way you are now... when we are activated.  It is a very natural, healthy, and appropriate reaction to something so powerful as what you are going through right now."

I don't know what happens after this because that was the end of the dream, but somehow I feel its still going on for me as I am awake right now getting all kinds of symbolic visions (not visual but closed eye visions in my mind) they are mandalas and geometric shapes and stuff... lots of symbols... New symbols like the ones I received during my Reiki initiation... But these symbols are much much more powerful!  They give the power to move mountains I believe...

Although my dream ended... in my dream while I was going through that initiation.. I know Samara was going through a similar initiation for her activation... This dream was extremely lucid...  So lucid that I was actually aware of my presence and breathing lying in bed while it was going on.  I was in two different places at the same time.  I was given a "couscous knowledge, a validation" for my waking state while I was in this dream that many of us are being prepared today to do very important work very soon.. It feels good... a bit scary and exciting but I am not afraid... not in the slightest any more!!!

I am ready for my new purpose in these current times..  I am courageous... I welcome it with completely open arms... It is the right thing to do... I will not falter with that responsibility or use it incorrectly...  I know this deep in my hearts core...  I am so appalled by the thought of misuse of power that I would literally become sick and throw up at the slightest thought of using such power for anything except the HIGHEST GOOD for all.

Aliahnai! Aliahnai! Aliahnai!

That mantra came to me and comes to me often now... It makes me feel really good... happy... I don't believe its some variation of Allah or some Islamic word.. just a similar sound that is all...  I believe its a word from another dimension.. a word given by a shaman helper of mine...  Its to help me go through portals.  It comes to me often just before I travel in dreamtime... I feel happy... love... orgasmic...  and then woosh... I am somewhere in another place healing someone, healing myself, transforming/manifesting something, bringing back information for some purpose.  I am usually in tears shaking in pure joy when I return.

More than I have ever felt before in my life previously these things are happening on a daily basis now here on Orcas Island.