Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Life, The Universe, and Absolute Reality (my word for God)

First some news for 2011 and beyond: A new multipurpose website is coming soon for HarmonicAlchemy.com!  This new website will combine all of the things I am currently doing and moving towards: music, sound design, film music, media arts, and of course the book "Harmonic Alchemy", fiction, poems, and journalism about various subjects...  Much of these things are already written and only need to be published on the web site...  Other things will be new and ongoing... This coming year is going to be very productive!

Now the current Post: (Life, The Universe, and Absolute Reality)

Years ago when I was a student at the New England Conservatory in Boston, my favorite place to hang out was the NEC Electronic Music Studio, run by Dr. Robert Ceely.  He was one of my favorite teachers besides Joseph Gabriel Maneri.  I loved them both dearly... They were my mentors, and good friends as well... I miss them both these days with tears in my eyes!  Bob Ceely is still alive...  note to self: I must contact Bob soon!

Probably the apex of my creative output during my time at NEC was a work of sonic art (Musique concrète) realized as a 7 minute analog tape piece recorded, mixed, and mastered in professional half track stereo format on a small plastic reel of Ampex 456 audio tape.  This work was titled "Maximum Entropy".

At the time I created it, I did not think much of it because it was one of the first things I did at NEC.  I was just starting out.  Everything seemed so big for me. I felt so small...  I was not aware of being lead on a lifetime journey... That short piece of music was very significant... It was a major beginning for me.

Maximum Entropy was a sonic dissertation of my vision of life, the universe, and my concept of God (Absolute Reality) which goes beyond all human or otherwise experience.  At that time in my life I had been practicing Kryia yoga and Transcendental meditation for a several years already.

I believed God to be the prime substance, essence, which we and everything else in the universe are made of.  This would include other universes if they exist, and anything that could contain them as well if that outside container also exists.

To my belief at the time, God essence was beyond language, culture, judgment, mathematics... beyond physics... , even beyond music (as we know it).  Its the vibrational, dynamic, blueprint everything is made of...  but itself has NO substance.  The ultimate paradox... God is Nothing that is Everything...

This is what I believed before coming in contact with and understanding software, bits and bytes... which is kind of a similar concept...

Maximum Entropy was a short but epic 7 minute sonic environment for a movie that was never made.  It was sometimes subtle and sometimes wild.  The process took me a whole semester of recording the most curious things through a pair of AKG 414 Studio microphones, sitting at the splicing block with razor blade and splicing tape, re-recording, fuddling with electronic gadgets and other stuff until it was perfected and mastered.

Everything I did after this, with the exception of some jazz influenced "art songs" and microtonal pieces I wrote later in my Junior and Senior years was small in comparison to this epic work of art...

The creation of this piece of music has influenced everything I have done since.  Unfortunately I have lost the original tape... It would have been to degraded by now anyway without archiving and converting to digital format.  But I can play it back and hear every nuance of it in my minds ear anytime... which improves in clarity with age... ha ha.  I have re-created parts of it in other works over the years as well.

Its interesting to remember in this fast, easy do, instant replay, digital world we now live in, how long and hard I labored, but enjoyed with deep passion, the creative process that created Maximum Entropy.  The name itself suggests that process and how its changed over the years... 

I can create the same thing today in one day or less time... I often wonder if something was lost during our accelerated morph of technology over the years, or are our minds capable of experiencing and savoring those same creative processes in compressed time as well?

Shamans experience whole lifetimes during one or two seconds of dreamtime, so maybe this is true... I find myself spending more time today sitting back and enjoying, meditating, over what was just created in the moment because it takes less time to process and there is more to listen to at any given point during the process.

Back at my splicing block of the 70's, I had to work with a sense of urgency.  An hour of work only produced a few seconds or less of actual sound...  I did not have time to stop and meditate every 15 minutes...  I had no ability to hear parts of the finished product at any given point with the click of a mouse button.  Much of what I did had to be imagined in my mind until proven days, sometimes weeks later!

After days of work however, I would take a break and spend whole mornings with my colleagues over coffee and cigarettes in the NEC cafeteria, listening over a shoebox size Sony Superscope Cassette player (the iPod of the day) what had been created thus far, savoring, dreaming, and discussing what was or could come next.

Can that kind of experience happen within a few minutes over a Skype chat box with a link to an Mp3 file, video clip, or image?  Maybe its the same experience, just quicker... Maybe something really passionate about the old experience has been lost forever.

Do our children even know this?  Do they even care?  Do they know something we will never know because we were born in a different age?  And what about our parents?  Our Grandparents?

I am reminded of Ecclesiastes and its Chinese parallel, Taoism.  "Nothing is new." "New discoveries are only remembering things forgotten." "We have seen it all before" "All is folly at the end of the day."

I often wonder and sometimes morn over these ideas... Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like to have been born in Paris in July 1900...  Someday I may find out :)

One thing I do know... I would never be able to write as prolifically as I can today given the huge dyslexic dysgraphia problems I had in the past using only a pencil and paper.  It took me at least two full over-nighters to write a simple college level paper.

In the morning the waste basket was full of at least one whole notebook pad of wadded up papers, and a bit of blood stained tissues from biting fingernails...  The final copy still contained many spelling and grammar problems when finally I handed it in.  My professors overlooked the spelling and grammar and praised me for the content though.

Hard labor has its rewards. :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sacred Full Moon Harmonic Attunement Ceremony - Nov 21, 2010

This is an announcement of something very special and powerful that will be originating from a secret location on Orcas Island, in the Salish Sea (Pacific Northwest USA and BC Canada) on November 21, 2010.  If you are reading this from afar and would like to participate remotely either as an active channel or as a receptive space holder please come and join us in spirit from where you are currently located physically.

Your presence will be welcome and you will be naturally guided in spirit as how to be prepared and how to proceed.  We and you will be receiving a powerful harmonic attunement from our ancient family both past and future who will be gathered with us and with you during the ceremony.

The ceremony will begin around 10:30 AM (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-8) and will unfold in two parts...  NOTE:  The descriptions below are the physical times based on physical locations... You may tune in whenever, now, at the assigned time, or even from the future!  You will know when and how to proceed. Time for you will not be linear because you will be doing it in dream time.  Isn't that beautiful!  More about that in a future post :)

The first half: (between 45 minutes and one hour depending on what is needed) will be a Soundscape Visioning and Healing Meditation, freshly composed in the moment by three vibrational healing musicians who have surrendered and prepared themselves to be open channels, (human instruments) for this powerful performance... which will be coming through to manifest a miraculous attunement for us all... for all beings everywhere... and for the invocation and commencement of continuing full moon miracle working ceremonies to take place going into 2011 and beyond.

Between the first and second halves there will be a middle time for everyone to process and come back to present consciousness, to drink some water, or tea, and to share intentions if they feel moved.  This could take up to 15 minutes or more depending on what is needed.

The second half: (between 45 minutes and one hour depending on what is needed) will be similar to the first half except during this time everyone in the room will be invited to become active channels if they feel so moved.  There is no obligation or expectation on anyone to do this however... its is entirely up to how you feel at the moment (which could change).

You may also feel compelled during the second part to participate as a receptive space holder, or you may go from periods of active channeling to receptive space holding in alternate waves.  Your active channeling may take the form of singing, toning, picking up and playing a musical instrument, singing bowl, or something that calls to you, or you may get up and dance, or move through the room.  If you are an artist, writer, poet, etc. you may feel like channeling art if that is possible do to through you medium within the space.  If you are a vibrational healer you may feel compelled to practice healing on someone else, (provided they give you permission) or you may do distance healing on someone or some situation outwardly, (again provided you get permission to do this energetically).

Anything is possible during the second half!  In fact Anything is possible ANYTIME...  All of the above is only a suggested format based on received visions of it over the past couple of years while living alone in a cabin on White Beach Road.  We are therefore, as always, open to what ever Orcastration unfolds and to the guiding divinity of that heart of hearts within...

Speaking of Orcastration... One of the reasons all the above is possible is because we are living in a rare place where we are completely protected and also EMPOWERED big time...   This does not mean that because where you live remotely you are not going to be able to manifest or receive it.  Again this is because you will be participating in dream time.

You may also be participating remotely from another sacred place in the world similar to Orcas Island.  There are many places like this in the world.  These sacred places linked together in a special way.  These sacred places draw upon and feed energy to each other (like breathing) for the purpose of protection, empowerment, and manifestation.  We of these sacred places share a common kinship with each other.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The relationship of Chakras and Sound Vibration (part 1)

There appears to be a common misunderstanding about the chakras and their relationship with musical tones or frequencies.  I believe this misunderstanding originates from crystal bowl manufacturers who have used astrology or some other 12 node esoteric system to randomly assign the 12 (western temperament) musical tones to specific metaphysical archetypes that seem to match the attributes of each chakra as written in the ancient Vedas.

This knowledge has been grossly simplified, probably to aid in the standardization, marketing, and sale of crystal bowls to practitioners. As explained above, we humans all come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and smell while at the same time we each have one heart, two arms, two hands, feet, and so on in common. We also all have the same set of chakras (both major and minor) manifesting in parallel to our physical bodies and organs.

What is different between us individually is the overall range in which our chakras resonate in concert with each other within any living unit or singularity as explained earlier. We are like musical instruments, or more accurately, musical instruments are imitations of our voices and the voices of other animals. Some of us are Big and brassy like the Tuba section, and others are light and windy, like the flute section.

The common attributes of significance are the arithmetical ratios and interactive attributes and patterns between ALL of the harmonics that make up each of our “cosmic chords” not the general pitch range that they operate within.

The overall pitch range of any cosmic chord varies widely from individual to individual, but the sacred geometric interference patterns created by the harmonic ratios contained within any cosmic chord are independent and unaffected by its overall specific collective pitch range. Therefore, the essence of everyone's chakras do not change with an overall collective shift of pitch or frequency, instead they can express the very same essence at another level or as musicians call it a different tessitura.

This concept forms the basis of a well known branch of mathematics called fractals. Fractals take on a similar shape no matter what size or level of depth you travel “down the rabbit hole”, (a fun term sometimes used to describe the common recursive nature of all fractal based objects). I believe this fractal nature of sound and intervals forms the basis of what Pythagoras taught to initiates in his mystery schools.

In summary thus far, a single pitch or frequency by itself is insufficient to describe, sound, or represent the essence or nature of any chakra. In fact, pitch or even pitch range, (tessitura) has very little, if anything at all, to do with it! Its the harmony, melody, rhythm and swing that's important.

Keeping the above paragraph in mind, lets dig a little deeper...

I believe the complete set of chakras for any given entity has a direct correspondence to the natural harmonic series of sound objects as shown graphically by Pythagoras using a monochord. The harmonic series is in fact a simplified blueprint for a much more complex multidimensional holographic map not yet fully understood by current science.

For example: The fundamental partial of a sound object, being lowest in pitch, corresponds to the root chakra. Each successive harmonic partial of the sound object, corresponds with its fundamental frequency in the same manner that each corresponding chakra of any given entity relates to its root chakra.

With sound objects we are talking about “n” multiples of the fundamental frequency. With the chakras we are talking about “n” multiples of the multidimensional holographic essence of the root chakra.

Many gifted folks, especially young children today, can detect, feel, see, hear or otherwise experience the essence of the chakras. They are many times described in classical text as beautiful iridescent mandalas. Science does not yet understand how this works, but I believe this knowledge was once known well in ancient times. I also believe we are at the threshold of re-discovering all of this ancient knowledge which has been hidden for several thousands of years.

Lets now talk about the concept of interval relationship.

In music theory you learn the intervals. Intervals are the combined sonic nature created when two notes of different pitch (frequency) sound together. Some intervals sound calming, peaceful, and make you feel at home. Musically these peaceful intervals are called consonant.

Other intervals are quite disruptive or transformative in nature and make you feel away from home or in transition. All music, and art for that matter, are a creative play between this fundamental law of tension and resolution. Artists have had this concept beaten into them at some point in their academic life. Its about as basic as breathing air in and out and has a dual yin/yang nature to it.

In a generalized way you can call the consonant relationships pure harmonic ratios which radiate out smoothly in support of a common fundamental which they propagate from. This is analogous to the smooth rings formed on the glassy smooth surface of a pond after a single round pebble is dropped carefully into the center.

Dissonance occurs at the higher harmonics on the outer edges of a spiraling wave front after it has had time to evolve and change its nature some distance away from the fundamental frequency occurring in the center.

Consonance and Dissonance also occurs more dramatically in various degrees and weights as the interaction between two or more completely independent fundamental wave fronts, each with its own set of accompanying strongly coupled “pure or consonant” harmonics near the center, and weakly coupled dissonant harmonics farther away out on the edge.

This is caused by the harmonic interference patterns that show up between the wave fronts when each collective set of fundamentals and corresponding harmonics meet, cross over, and intermingle with each other. Some of the mingling will result in consonance, and other mingling will result in dissonance.

In other words the interference between two completely different wave fronts with two independent fundamental sources. (i.e. two different sized pebbles were tossed into the water at some distance from each other creating two spiraling patterns to interact with each other).

I will continue and elaborate this discussion in my next post...