Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Mother Principal

When you are out in the woods, on a lake or river, in the mountains, out at sea, or anywhere reasonably isolated from the hustle and bustle of the urban environment, you naturally feel something deep resonating between you and the earth.

This is the fundamental essence of your cosmic chord resonating powerfully, literally coupling with a particular aspect of the entire earth's cosmic chord. No matter what your fundamental essence happens to be, it becomes activated very strongly when you are out in nature. Its effect is healing, calming, grounding, and recharging. You begin to feel peace and belonging like you have returned to the place of your origin.

The earth is everyone's mother and she knows and sings all of our songs no matter what our size, shape, or elemental nature may be. We hear her sing her song through the sounds made by other creatures and elements around us. She sings an entire symphony of sounds and we tune into the special ones that are closest in vibrational essence to the nature sounds surrounding and influencing us while we were being carried by our mother and during the time of our birth and very early childhood.

The principals outlined within the previous section titled “Harmonic Resonance” contain a multidimensional organizing principal. Cosmic chords are generated by the vibrational sacred geometry of their corresponding root chakra. Cosmic chords are further modified by the vibrational sacred geometry of corresponding major and minor chakra nodes connected in a non hierarchical but highly efficient, dynamic, and adaptive way.

The root chakras of all physical things on this earth and beyond are energetically connected on a fundamental level to the root chakras of all other physical things on this earth and beyond. The root chakras of all physical things on this earth and beyond are also the main conduit of energy to and from the etheric/auric “dream time” dimension, (commonly referred to as the “Astral Plane”) which surrounds our entire earth, other planets, stars, and galaxies.

In turn, the Astral Plane connects to other “remote dimensions” (for lack of a better beyond-non-Euclidean word) by its back coupling through the root chakras from which it is generated, up through each successive major and minor chakra nodes following a sacred geometry of vibrational essence which finds attraction to remote connections leading down “rabbit holes” to completely different dimensional realities altogether.

All physical matter is first realized on the astral plane before it manifests as physical reality. In turn, it is the dynamically evolving combined cosmic chord of all physical reality, (both living and so called non living matter) that generates the astral plane in the first place.

This is a chicken egg paradox of vibrational resonance. Try to visualize it as a double helix Möbius fractal, spiraling outwardly and inwardly to infinity. The artistic works of Escher give us but a small glimpse around impossible concepts such as this.

The essence of this is what I call the “Mother Principal”.  It contains within it a natural, compelling, and powerful ability to transform what ever is needed to obtain balance within the system.  The mother principal also contains “rogue” seeds that release into the system when things become so balanced and uniform to the point of stagnation. The rogue aspect is the mother of evolution, differentiation, and growth.

More and more of us are being born into this age with an innate ability to operate on the astral plane within our couscous minds, (everyone does it while sleeping). Once the majority of us are able to travel consciously in this way, we will begin to learn how to manifest physical reality directly with our minds.

Through this evolutional shift we are also becoming aware of other dimensional realities resonating with the multidimensional aspect of our auric fields. Within only a few years many of us will have successfully made contact with these realities and will even begin to manifest within the physical worlds associated with those realities.