Thursday, July 15, 2010

Harmonic Resonance

Every living creature radiates and resonates a fundamental frequency 1 along with a corresponding set of related harmonics. The nature of this fundamental resonant frequency and the nature and inter relationship of all its accompanying harmonic components forms a unique dynamically changing vibrational essence that I will refer to by coining the term: “cosmic chord” (Something I remember from my youth in the 60's.)

The unique attributes and characteristics of this “cosmic chord” are determined by the origin, size, shape, elemental 2 nature and life experiences of the living entity manifesting it.

So called non living “inanimate” things also radiate and resonate a similar “cosmic chord” but it is much less complex and and does not transform or evolve as dynamically as the cosmic chord of “animate” living things.

The cosmic chord of every living and non living entity interacts with, affects, and is effected by, the cosmic chord of every living and non living entity that comes into conscious contact with it.

There are some substances that have a very stable or “fixed” nature. These substances possess the unique ability or are “optimized” to act like storage cells which can be charged with and carry or transfer the essence of a particular cosmic chord that has been in contact with it for a sufficient amount of time. Crystals for example possess this characteristic but water also possesses this quality. These substances also seem to have a “magnetic” 3 nature as well that helps them to attract and hold the cosmic chords that charge them.

This harmonic resonance interrelationship of many living and non living things produces a collective and very much alive and couscous entity that can be thought of as a singularity containing hundreds, thousands, even millions or billions, of “individual parts” (all being collections themselves as well). The resultant collective “living entity” radiates and resonates a total overall cosmic chord that is very dynamic and capable of interaction, transformation, evolution, creation, and destruction. The earth itself is such a singularity, and it does not stop there. The phenomenon extends out to the rest of the galaxy and beyond.

Yes, I believe whole galaxies possess an awareness or a conscious ego, and probably think of themselves as singular entities. But they are most likely on some level also aware of the singular conscious entities that make up their individual parts, just as we are somewhat aware that different parts of our own bodies appear to exhibit this same individual awareness and seem to go about thinking and dealing with things all by themselves all the time.

Therefore, turned inwardly, this same concept of collective singularities extends down through the microscopic level and beyond, infinitely down through smaller and smaller scales. For example, every single atom in our body radiates and resonates their own individual cosmic chords, and all of these combine together to create a “singularity” within that shapes the essence of our individual cosmic chord. So, we are not a single harmonic unit unto ourselves, but rather a collection, and we ourselves are in turn part of a larger harmonic collection.


1. The term frequency here does not refer to acoustic “sound” pressure waves, or electromagnetic waves, but rather to a form of vibrational essence that has yet to be discovered and detected by modern science. However, this exotic vibrational essence, can be described and measured by the very same branch of mathematics used to describe and measure, all sound vibration as well as all electromagnetic phenomena. That basic branch of mathematics is called “The Periodic Trigonometric Properties” and was given to us by Pythagoras. The other significant point to make is that this exotic vibrational essence affects, and is effected by “resonance” and/or “coupling” with acoustic sound vibration and/or electromagnetic phenomena.

2. The term “elemental” refers to the metaphysical, vibrational archetypes: earth, water, fire, and air which is not the same as the scientific term “element”.

3. The term “magnetic” is used here but is not the same as the electromagnetic term but something else that is similar, and probably behaves according to the same set of mathematics, but its essence does not exist in our 4D space time continuum or at least in a way that we can understand it.


This is the very first post for this blog taken from the Preface of my book “Harmonic Alchemy” in its current state.  The word Prelude, chosen as this post title reflects a work about music in its deepest essence and meaning for all of us.

I intend to present excerpts of my book over the coming weeks as well as discuss some issues that may or may not be included in the book over time. This will allow others to make comments and add suggestions. In that way this will be a collective work.  Any comments, suggestions, or good references of strong significance will be acknowledged with gratitude.

From the very start, let it be clear, the purpose of this dissertation, and everything that follows, is a reflection of deep knowledge that has come over the years like dreams. Under no circumstances is anything intended to prove or make any scientific claim for any purpose, (although many concepts will be presented that are well proven and accepted by known science).

I have a fairly knowledgeable understanding of both physics and art, having been greatly exposed since childhood to both high science and fine art as well as many global folk arts and traditions.  However, I do not wish to take on a tedious research project. I hope this work inspires someone else to do that. This work is a stream of consciousness inspired by lifetimes of experience and chance encounters.

It is hoped however that the insights presented here will wake at least a few great scientific minds just enough to be inspired to take on that long tedious task of finding proof, and win the right to make claims for themselves and for the mutual benefit of all who still need a little fuel for belief. Also, that would be good for the business of textbooks and making safe order out of what was previously considered dangerous chaos, (a place where I enjoy surfing).

Much of the knowledge being presented here has been acquired directly, in-directly, subtly, or square between the eyes, through metaphysical teachers and guides who exist outside our day to day physical environment (i.e. dreamtime). Since childhood, these masters, guides, teachers, friends, counselors, lovers, and muses counseled me during meditation practice, vision quests, lucid dreams, musical performances, while making love, during long train rides, in the shower, or over morning tea.

I am not crazy, I just have very sensitive ears that are attuned to dimensions outside of our common space time environment. My spirit has somehow survived the constant pressure of society to conform to the endless spin of diversion surrounding our everyday lives, keeping us shut down to an acceptable condition where everything is good and proper and most of all “safe” from the unknown.

I have managed to more or less live my life in secret with singular and fearless courage deeply and completely surrendered to that timeless conscious source of infinite and love energy from which the entire universe is projected.  Until very recently, knowledge of this source has been largely suppressed, shunned, covered up and glossed over, given names like “God” or “Holy Spirit” and handed over to the care of a few living the life of the cloth, tucked safely away in acceptable institutions so that the majority may carry on life safely without concern. Most of us spend our entire lives in a constant diversion of mind games to avoid even noticing its powerful presence.

Who cares how this knowledge got to me? Channeled from who, what, where?  Life is made of dreams and dreams are made of life.  The names and places are real but the story gets told in many ways under many guises.   You are going to find this to be really good inspiring stuff without too much flowery name calling just the same!

As I said, I offer no concrete proof or evidence to show for this. Consequently there are many who may call all of this at best, utter nonsense, and at worse outright insanity.   I only have my personal experience, testimony, and the personal testimonies of friends, colleagues, and folks who have attended my workshops or one on one sessions. I offer it up to the test of time to sort out the truth from speculation.

A full scope and understanding of the material being presented is limited in many respects due to our current knowledge limitations in science, physics and mathematics. Surprisingly... or not so surprisingly..., much revealing light is shed on this difficult subject through our experience with music and art and our intuitive connection to the natural patterns in nature all around us which is also reflected through our art. I believe fine art to be the manifestation and expression of physics, and mathematics in its highest and purest form. Its not surprising that most of the greatest scientific genus of our age practiced some form of fine art themselves or at least were constantly exposed to it throughout their lives. Gottfried Leibniz, the co-father of modern day calculus once said: “Music is a secret exercise in arithmetic of the soul, unaware of it's act of counting.”

Finally, to put things into perspective, the concepts being discussed here are at best very subjective and open to much speculation and refinement over time, while at the same time, a world far more advanced than our present day earth most likely would view this discussion the same way we might view Neanderthal men attempting to discuss the advantages of using industrial age power tools over simple stone age tools! Our known universe is unimaginably HUGE! And that's just talking the four dimensions we currently exist within.  I believe it is in itself one of many in an even greater reality! There is an infinite amount of knowledge still and always far beyond our current grasp.