Thursday, September 25, 2014

שָׁנָה טוֹבָה - L’shanah Tovah!

Maybe I should emphasize “Ketivah VaChatimah Tovah!” (i.e., “May you be contracted under-written & guaranteed by G-d for a promising and abundantly good new year!  What a berakhah (blessing) to bestow!  It’s a promise proclaimed in the bible (more than once) So… What a nice way to remind your friends eh?

I am inspired this Jewish New year to break my long silence and publish this new article…  I have not published on this blog for so long!  Since 2012 I have been incubating… I have been writing and journaling, a lot, but not publishing anything.  I promise to publish these writing’s later.  Maybe soon…  I am building a new WordPress site to host this blog as well.  All coming soon… 

During my college years, when I lived in Boston, I fell in love with Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach who I was introduced to by my musical mentor and friend Dr. Joseph Gabriel Maneri during a “love in musical happening” at a private residence in Brookline Massachusetts…  This meeting inspired me to become obsessed with the mystical teachings from the Tanakh, Kabbalah, and other sacred Jewish books.

Although I am not Jewish by heritage, (go figure) I studied Jewish mysticism passionately for a time with Dr. Seymour Simches at Tuft’s University and was the bass player in a Klezmer band for a local Messianic Jewish congregation in Needham Massachusetts.  Much of what I say here is based on insights I learned during that time which may or may not reflect common Jewish tradition or beliefs…  Think of this as an inspired impression from a converted choir member who has also studied many other mystical traditions from around the world.

Today, I am feeling a love happening of a different kind coming on strong! The powerful sounds of the Shofar fill my inner consciousness!  Its abundant life sustaining energy is helping us all build a new sustainable and prosperous community life here on Orcas Island!

Earlier this morning I was thinking about the meaning of Rosh Hashanah in the bible.  I see this day as a symbolic tribute to the creation of Adam & Eve.  Therefore Rosh Hashanah is a celebration of all humanity, (all of creation for that matter) as well as a certification directly from G-d that, no matter what… we will be abundantly provided for in every way possible!

I also see this day symbolizing a promise that our deepest mysteries and wonders will be revealed to us… slowly… a bit at a time… year after year.  We need that time for our conscious awareness to be ready (i.e., the ol’ cliché “when the student is ready, the rabbi will appear" trick).

We witness the fulfillment of that promise looking back…  Most common 21st century wisdom is something that would have been completely incomprehensible a millennium ago!  Humankind must advance in small baby steps which in turn gave us insights about how and where to take our next baby steps.  To go to fast is a formula for destruction as we have experienced during the latter years of our Industrial Revolution, and reflected by the Tower of Babel story.  Going slowly and carefully forward is the correct and responsible acquisition of the fruits from the tree of knowledge… (a gift from G-d that comes only after much time, growth, caution, readiness, and falling in love, so to speak).

Rosh Hashanah is the most important event on the Jewish calendar and It gets two days to boot as well!  It marks the beginning of the most holy of times rivaling only Passover, which reflects yet another supporting covenant made with G-d to protect his people (who love him) from harm and lead them to abundance!

After saying that, I must profess my preference is to attribute G-d, the supreme creative force of the universe, with the feminine principle… Therefore I would paraphrase as “her people” rather than ’his people’, and “people”. My preference is also not limited to Jewish tradition alone.  Many different traditions around the world have the same story (promise-covenant) told in many unique and beautiful ways like the many varied mountain wildflowers that bloom at different times during the summer.  Now is the time for that collective rainbow to shine brightly within emerging sustainable communities of awakened consciousness everywhere.

These ideas are reflected in Vedic wisdom as translated by my Paramesthi Guru, Swami Sri Yukteswar in his book “The Holy Science”.  Swami Sri Yukteswar describes an epic cyclical journey of consciousness experienced by humankind as well as all other physical manifestations of consciousness.  This epic journey has been going on since the beginning of the creation of this universe, estimated by many physicists to be something around 14 billion years!  Our solar system alone is about 6 billion years old!

My belief around this subject is that many civilizations (maybe hundreds or even thousands) have risen and fallen on this planet in ascending and descending cycles of consciousness for an extremely long  time, much longer than we currently know.  These civilizations were also possibly not of the same physical manifestation we now understand human life to be, or may experience in the future, but that connected consciousness continues unbroken throughout.  Only our knowledge of it has been hidden during the dark periods… Our knowledge and awareness returns during the light periods when we reach an ascended state of consciousness ready to receive it again.

The sounding of the shofar symbolizes the breath of G-d (e.g., Ruach - Prana - Chi - Holy Spirit) sounding, proclaiming, the powerful birth of our universe into existence!  This idea is reflected and supported by the rule that the shofar is not to be played during Shabbat.  (The day of rest is not the time to be making new universes, LOL.)

Now on that note, (no pun indented) I am going to talk about Tantric Yoga…  Years ago when I joined the Navy out of high school, I was initiated into the Kriya Yogic path originally taught in the USA by Swami Paramhansa Yogananda.  I resonated most with pranic breathing and sound as my main style of meditation (i.e., Pranayama) The practice of Pranayama was first taught to westerners in India by Paramhansa Yogananda’s guru dev, Swami Sri Yukteswar before the turn of the century. 

This tradition emphasizes the feminine power of creation…  A power that flows through us abundantly at all times.  The flow is infinite and unrestricted in potential.  This life giving creative power is naturally restricted during our normal daily lives through a balance of nature mechanism required for a normal healthy life and the procreation of offspring.

We can, over time, through wisdom, and daily practice of meditation, learn how to go beyond our natural limitations and open the cosmic valve to receive an increase in the flow of prana through our bodies without harm.  When this happens we experience a powerful increase in physical vitality, the development and refinement of physic powers, and the ultimate ability to create, feed, and preserve life from conscious intention alone.

The power of love keeps us on track, but ignorance, judgment, and fear, can take us to the dark side where pranic life forces invert and become a destructive recycling agent returning our essence and mis-represented powers back into the void.  This burning, destructive, recycling attribute is symbolized through stories about the goddess Kali in Hindu traditions.  It’s all necessary for maintaining an overall healthy balance of nature (creation) throughout the universe.  You could metaphorically call it our universe’s immune system.

The myth that you could have your life force taken or drained by bad people, vampires, or evil spirits is not true because the source of all life is not stored up within us…  It constantly flows through us like sacred water through an invisible circulation system (called chakras). Prana, ruach, chi, or ‘life force' permeates and interfaces with our physical bodies through this network of chakras.

This multidimensional matrix of chakras is the framework behind all manifested life everywhere. It is infinitely omnipresent!  In fact, this cosmic network permeates and interfaces with all matter, so to be drained of life force is not possible because its like an ubiquitous wild river, not a singular stagnant pond.  It is possible to be fooled or scared into cutting yourself off from this flow life force though. That is where spiritual warfare comes into play.  We are our own worst enemy!  Ignorance and fear being dissolved by Love is the true path.  Otherwise ignorance and fear eventually dissolves life… “The wages of sin is death”

Over the years I have studied and been initiated into other esoteric, spiritual, and occult practices…  These other traditions all reinforce the same universal principals I learned through the practice of Kriya Yoga.  "Truth is one... Humanity gives it different names"  In particular the popular emergence of Tantric Yoga, comes from the same Shakti tradition as Pranayama comes from.  The practices are the same thing in essence coming from different schools…

Many westerners are attracted to Tantra because they think it will improve their sex lives.  It will in fact do that, but to remain focused on sex is a tragic road block to so much more potential!  Sex is connected with our natural human survival DNA coding to procreate our species but it goes no further to do anything beyond that initial first step.  Many of our religions do nothing to help that situation either...

The bible teaches we have an unlimited potential to move mountains, and more…  But the majority of humankind is not ready for anything more powerful than the ability to make babies.  At least that was the case before the ten year evolutionary shift we experienced leading up to 2012.  Now many are experiencing spontaneous initiations and experiences that took years of rigorous formal practice to attain in former ages.  This trend is accelerating even more now in 2014

There are many circuit breakers installed within us to stop at sex and go no further.  This is for our own self protection because the act of sex turns the life force gasoline valve way up for a short period of time, sufficient enough to spawn a new independent life during conception.  This is a natural ability and limitation built into us all from birth… If there were no limitations we would soon burn to a crisp as a species in the resulting chaos due to our inability to consciously handle and control the sudden increase of infinite power at any given time we may be in the mood for sex.

Through regular practice of meditation, focused on absolute love, we will evolve and learn to develop responsibility, credibility, and a deep love and respect for everything.  When that happens we begin to experience gift states of ecstasy far beyond a simple sexual orgasm, accompanied by powerful insights of knowledge and abilities to open the valve even more and focus more and more pranic energy without fear, for the purpose of healing, age reversal, sustenance without the need for physical food, and many other wonderful gifts of the spirit.

A growing internal cosmic love provides a safe platform for this powerful transformation and growth.  Continue to nurture and stay focused on that love, (Bhakti Yoga) and all will be fine!  It is an easy path… You will learn to handle everything when the time comes and you are ready.  Don’t push… let it flow, while gently holding back at the same time, not out of fear, but rather through knowledge, wisdom, awareness, love, and powerful intention…  That’s the secret!  Accompany that with lots of singing, blowing the shofar, dancing, and making love with everything in the universe.  Ketivah VaChatimah Tovah!!

(copyright © Sept 25, 2014 by D. Ben Sheppard, some rights reserved)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It's 2013... Time to Imagine Everything New

(this is not a dream and you are not the only ones)

As John Lennon said (pluralized)… "They may say we are dreamers, but we're not the only ones". 

I just read an amazing article!  The World of Free Energy by Peter Lindemann, D.Sc.  In the world of "woo-woo", this has got to be one of the most credible documents I have ever read!  I have since visited his website and in retrospect, discovered there the more typical tin foil hat variety of journalism, but still, this guy has a very interesting brain that does a good job of defying categorization!  There is a great summary to his article here, but Please Folks... make it your new years resolution to read the full illuminating story now!  It does much to clear away the BS and present the real truth in a very practical and methodical way!

You know as well as me there is a LOT of BS floating around out there, as Dr. Lindemann's article states very clearly.  His illuminating article reveals the true motives behind many of the BS pseudo science websites, especially the huge well funded ones.  Can you guess who? Yes… I am talking to you folks…  You know who you are!  Your primary agenda is to  create a smoke screen that obfuscates the genuine scientific discoveries which are being disclosed virally around the web more and more these days!  You are the wolves in sheep's clothing… that's right, and we know who you are.

man wearing tin foil hat (Wikipedia)
Of course there are others among you who are just plain nuts or intoxicated and obsessed with your unfounded beliefs!  Science is not religion, and religion is not science!  Those two are still very different animals entirely… I am not talking about ancient science, as you know if you have read  other posts here on  I have talked about ancient knowledge, ancient science, or ancient mystery schools who's remnants I believe have survived through legends, symbols, and doctrines... through classical as well as indigenous spiritual and/or religious traditions, metaphysical practice, musical traditions, and folklore.

I and many others like me do not claim any of this remnant knowledge to be complete or able to stand alone as scientific evidence.  Much of the that knowledge was lost eons ago...  I prefer to envision ancient mystery school knowledge like the mathematician, Gottfried Leibniz's quote about music, "Music is a hidden arithmetic exercise of the soul, unaware of its own counting", the tag line to my book Harmonic Alchemy which I am still not sure which form it will eventually take as the concept of a "book" has radically changed in my mind over the past 10 years.

Most of these ancient "beliefs" are still very much misunderstood by science and theologians alike, and have yet to be deciphered or even detected and measured by any device or experiment… No… its not part of the electromagnetic spectrum either, as many self professed gurus love to claim... Its something else entirely and we don't have instruments that can detect it yet.  Science still cannot determine the process by which gifted mediums or psychic empaths are able to sense these phenomenons.

I keep searching and searching though... because as a Reiki practitioner, sound therapist, musical and auditory empath, I have direct knowledge and wisdom through personal intimate metaphysical experience.  Although these experiences are very REAL and concrete to me as well as those close to me or who I have personally worked with, they are entirely subjective experiences which science still cannot detect or measure the fundamentals even though popular documentaries like "What the Bleep" have mistakenly, or falsely stated otherwise.  To date, science has only been able to scratch the surface with statistical analysis alone.  I believe we are headed for some real shocking breakthroughs soon though.  I also believe there is a strong possibility some knowledge may have been obtained through the scientific method or through communication with alien intelligence but is being hidden in secret for reasons also well explained in Dr. Lindemann's article.

Higgs boson event (Wikipedia)
I am very interested to see how the recent discovery of the Higgs boson and corresponding "Higgs field" plays out…  This may turn out be the very discovery or missing link I have been predicting would occur ever since our co-founding of the Sound Healing Network back in 2002, (then called "The New England Sound Healing Research Institute").  If this is true it won't be long before science and engineering catch up and someday, maybe sooner than you think, we will be seeing scientific instruments that can actually measure Reiki energy or record auras and explore chakras with the same precision an MRI can explore nerve tissues embedded deep within a human brain. 

By the way, for those of you who are thinking, "wait a minute etc.", I once owned Kirlian photographic equipment when I was in college in Boston, and after months of exhaustive experiments, I came out with the conclusion that all it does is photograph the electric corona around high voltage charged objects which is nothing new or exotic.  Many other scientist have verified this over time.

Back to Dr. Lindemann's article… Then there is the other side of the coin…  The debunkers who point out the obvious inconsistencies and outright nonsense of the popular well funded pseudo science websites as well as the crack pot websites who actually believe the BS they are preaching.  Peter Lindemann illustrates this odd couples dance very nicely.  The debunker and pseudo science sites work together in a "good cop / bad cop" scenario, the outcome of which intentionally or unintentionally help to cloud up any kind of genuine science & technology that could threaten the mainstream and promise free energy for all.

My positive opinion of Dr. Lindemann's article carries much weight because this is a subject where I have thoroughly done my homework!  I have read and studied much on this and similar subjects, have worked closely with other scientists in related fields of study, and have done a lot of independent research of my own on these very subjects since high school.

Photo: Steven B. Krivit 

I also credit myself as being an eye witness to corrupt, discrediting, and even criminal tactics used to squash the development of Cold Fusion research in the 80's and 90's, now commonly termed, "Low Energy Nuclear Reactions" (LENR), or Chemical Assisted Nuclear Reactions (CANR).  My friend and professional colleague back during my MIT Lincoln Labs days, Dr. Eugene F. Mallove, who later became chief science writer for MIT's newspaper, "Tech Talk" and then as a result his refusal to compromise himself as a journalist by publishing false information to discredit the Utah Scientist and their discovery, he left MIT and founded the New Energy Foundation, and became editor and publisher of the webzine: "Infinite Energy Magazine".

The purpose of the New Energy Foundation, and Infinite Energy magazine were to carefully follow and document the progress of Cold Fusion, and related alternate energy research, and technologies while the rest of the scientific community (i.e., Dr. Mallove's respected peers) laughed and scorned!  I am witness to the entire academic scenario from the moment the Cold Fusion discovery was first published in 1989 to 2004 when Gene was murdered.  I am still following LENR R&D today as exciting things are happening in this field in spite of all the laughing and ridicule.

I remember all the events first hand and have a very close, intimate, and personal relationship with the entire Cold Fusion history as it unfolded, and evolved to the present day.  The real Cold Fusion story is just getting started folks!  You just wait and see!  As Abraham Lincoln said, "You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool ALL the people, ALL the time."

I feel deep in my heart that my friend and colleague, Dr. Mallove was murdered while cleaning the house he grew up in because his work was getting too close to a critical mass, (no pun intended) which threatened to bring the entire Cold Fusion media issue back from the grave into a mainstream can of worms!  A can of worms to the industries, financial institutions, research facilities, and governments who stand to loose much as a result of free and widespread development of the technology.

Gene was a very talented journalist who wrote in a very credible way that attracts other journalists within the main stream.  His deep knowledge of physics gave him a unique perspective in this area and I believe he was targeted for this reason.  This is not conspiracy theory to me…  This is real life… If you are good at what you do, and you step on toes who have much to loose as a result of your actions, but also possess the resources to do something about it, they will retaliate and cover their tracks nicely in the process.  That is a fact of life… at least to the street wise among us...

As the story is currently unfolding a lot of loose ends are surfacing…  What were the actual motives?  Its starting to smell like a cover up to me…  Its hard to believe that Gene was beaten brutally to death purely for revenge by the drug addict son of his former tenants.  There has to be more to this…  Drug addicts are easily motivated by money or extortion. 

Someone needs to check bank accounts and paper trails.  I sense a third party involvement orchestrating the entire thing from a safe distance...  I remember the whole story all too well because he was my friend and I followed the details of his murder closely at the time the stories were first being published.  Most importantly, I feel very sad for Gene's immediate family who were virtually ignored for almost 10 years, and now are being raked over the coals with insults over injury.

What ever actually happened, I believe was due to an orchestrated contract to end or at least suppress his very successful Cold Fusion Crusade.  Orchestrated contracts like these often use ex-con's or drug addicts as scape goats or fall guys who are extorted to accept a weak prison sentence if they plead guilty, (with a future nest egg attached).  This is done to prevent the exposure of details that would incriminate a third party involvement and the true motive for the crime.  Note to private Investigators:  Look for that nest egg, follow the money, and be very careful dealing with the local investigators who may also be paid off!  Corruption is much thicker than you can imagine!

Tesla's magnifying transmitter 1899 - 1904
Conspiracies aside… Dr. Lindemann's article makes an excellent account illustrating many fine examples of very credible alternate energy research dating back as early as the dawn of the 20th century.  What impressed me the most about Peter Lindemann's article is the section titled "Four Invisible Forces".  Instead of pathologically focusing on organized conspiracy theories which is something that always bugs me about the "conspiracy websites", he develops an idea common to 18th century writers like Jonathan Swift and Alexander Pope.  That idea is that corruption is not so much an "organized" thing but rather an unconscious symptom of a spiritual disease that all humanity suffers from, rich and poor alike.  That disease finds us guilty of being a monstrous race ruled primarily by fear and greed, believing the golden rule means: "The ones with the gold make the rules".

My favorite part of the article is where Lindemann states: "There is really only one force preventing the public availability of free energy technology, and that is the unspiritually motivated behavior of humans.  In the last analysis, free energy technology is an outward manifestation of divine abundance. It is the engine of the economy of an enlightened society, where people voluntarily behave in a respectful and civil manner toward each other, where each member of the society has everything they need, and does not covet what their neighbor has, where war and physical violence has become socially unacceptable behavior and people's differences are at least tolerated, if not enjoyed." 

I remember reading Edgar Cayce's book On Atlantis years ago where he stated the reason for the destruction of that ancient civilization was due to an advancing decline of spiritual integrity to the point that the general public including those who maintained the energy sources began to behave more and more out of fear and greed rather than principals of loving kindness.

Eventually those lost principals of love resulted in a lack of respect for the powerful unlimited forces of energy resulting in misuse and eventual mass destruction.  Think about it…  What if we do find a source of unlimited and FREE energy available to everyone everywhere…  Work out the numbers… if we begin using this new source of energy even half as wastefully as we are already using the expensive and limited resources we currently have access to, we would soon burn our little green planet to a crisp!  Talk about global warming!

Unlimited freedom requires extreme responsibility, respect, and discipline to conserve, otherwise the delicate balance of nature would quickly go way off tilt!  That's what the second law of thermodynamics is really telling us.  Interestingly, the formal name for the first law of thermodynamics is called "The Conservation of Energy".  There's a hidden lesson for us in that.

Lindemann also states towards the end of his article something I have believed since the 70's as I am one of the pioneers.  He says, "What is new, is that you and I can communicate with each other now better than at anytime in the past. The Internet offers us, the fourth force, an opportunity to overcome the combined efforts of the other forces preventing free energy technology from spreading."

In his closing section sub titled "The Opportunity" Lindemann challenges us to use the Internet to learn about, share, and build free energy systems within our own communities.  The first two forces will never allow these systems to develop commercially so we have to DIY them.  This is already beginning to happen on a large scale around the world, and especially in small isolated communities like San Juan County, WA where I live.  Our local power company OPALCO is a community owned co-op.  What a cool concept eh?

Here is my $.02 worth to add to Dr. Lindemann writings.  The internet, which is driven almost 100% by open source software, and based on free open standards, cannot be controlled or owned by any kind of monopoly.  It was designed from the ground up to work openly and ubiquitously in a de-centralized fashion.  The directive to build it this way came ironically from our own Defense Department during the cold war era!  They wanted something able to re-route and self repair in the event entire sections were destroyed by nuclear attack or natural disasters.

They also wanted an extremely robust multi-layer software protocol, able to adapt to and utilize many different hardware technologies and transport mediums.  They wanted it to be able to embeded and hide secret communications channels, (called tunneling) incase existing channels became compromised or corrupted.

I am proud to be one of the engineers who helped to make this technology happen years ago while I was contracting with the Athena project at MIT.  Many companies and even governments have tried to control, sensor, and even shut down the Internet but have failed.  The occupy movements would not have been possible without the internet!

For the first time in history, the masses have been empowered with a voice that cannot be shut up or censored.  Search engine technologies invented by companies like Google have insured a free and democratic voice that gets decided by the masses through billions of mouse clicks per day, (a voting system that cannot be corrupted, and won't get corrupted because such schemes violate the business rules that insure companies like Google's own business success.

The other thing that Google singlehandedly accomplished alone was to completely turn the advertising industry upside down.  Its a bottom up thing now.  Sponsors no longer have any financial control over the content or media which their ads appear in.  Ads transparently appear where they are most likely to have the best fit and benefit for both the consumer and advertiser, and this is another thing that gets voted on by billions of individual mouse clicks.  This process is determined by exact mathematical statistics and complex algorithms rather than foolish or clever decisions made by fat cigar smoking cats on Madison Avenue and / or Wall Street.

Our Aquarian Information age, which my father both predicted and coined back in the 60's as "The Coming Age of Truth", is driven by the true spirit of "Open Source".  The "open" nature of it means that we are moving into an age where it will become impossible to lie, hide, or be deceptive.  The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is fast becoming the norm, and the concept of a lie or the possibility of deception is quickly becoming obsolete.

Our internet is developing into the primitive beginnings of a hive mind and that will free us but also require a BIG spiritual change in ALL of us at the same time…  We need yet to evolve into another future "Age of Pure, Absolute, and Authentic Loving Kindness".  It's what I would call "The Age of Metta" (to coin a term from Theravada Buddhism).  It is based on the novel business rule:  "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".  Did they teach that to you in business school?  It sounds almost as cliché as "all you need is love" or "keep it simple stupid".

These statements are the simple but powerful answers to our failing over complicated world.  They are the slogans of a new authentic and truly free world we are about to witness full force.  No individual, company, or government can stop it.  The truth is setting us free.  Believe it…  Get motivated by it…  Find a place within your community where you can "Do" and "Love" what "You do Best"…  Communicate and pass on virally to others what you learn... and Make your Mouse Click Votes Count!

Happy New Year!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

What is Sound Healing?

After 20 years, people are still often asking me the simple question: "What is Sound Healing?"  While attending the 11-11-11 Crystal Sculls conference in Los Angeles during the November full moon I was asked again in the hotel lobby so I decided to write this very basic explanation in response...

My earliest conscious introduction to this new awakening (in the west) of an ancient healing and meditation practice, art, and science started when I met Ephat Mujuru in Boston about 22 years ago when my first son Nathaniel was born.  Since that time I have seen it grow and evolve and move into many directions.

In general, When I talk about sound healing I usually make some distinction about whether we are talking about (1) a healing session between practitioner and client, (2) a personal form of meditation (with sound), or (3) what is commonly called a sound circle.  I call this third category a "harmonic attunement gathering" which is done with a group.

All three of these practices are done in many different ways all around the world.  In some non western traditions it has been practiced continuously for thousands of years.  In Zimbabwe all three practices exist centered around the mbira (thumb piano) and hosho (seed shaker) and most importantly, the human voice.

In Mongolia there are also very strong traditions within all three practices.  Native Americans, and Australian Aborigines also practice all three forms in various ways.  There are many more traditions around the world of course but this suffices as an example.

Less formally sound healing is practiced unconsciously by all of us without knowing: when a mother sings to her child or unborn baby, and when we utter sounds as an emotional response to pain, joy, surprise, love, sex, what ever!  The sounds we make when we are angry are very powerful and we must learn how to channel that energy in creative ways rather than destructive ways if we do not wish to resonate and pass on the source of our anger.
As a one on one healing practice, many practitioners have the client lie on a massage table while they perform healing work using sound in a similar way that a Reiki practitioner works with hands.  Sometimes these practitioners use tuning forks to perform the sound part of the practice.  Sometimes they use singing bowls, or crystal bowls, and sometimes they also use other instruments if they are also trained musicians.

I use many different kinds of sound producing instruments when I am practicing, mostly my voice combined with metal singing bowls, didgeridoo, flutes, mbira, drums, and seed shaking sounding instruments.  Yes... even sticks and rocks struck together work well in the correct setting and context.

Sometimes the practitioner combines sound with other modes of vibrational healing like Reiki, or Flower essences, massage therapy, etc.  I also do this in my own practice.
During my private personal meditation practice I use sound to tune and energize my chakras, perform self healing, regeneration, and to manifest personal intention or to do distance healing work on another.

My own sound practice combines, pranayama breathing, silent mantra meditation, and Reiki.  The pranayama I use has evolved from what it originally was when I first was taught the practice by my guru in the late 70's.  It now combines the breathing with multiphonic vowel chanting and also playing the didgeridoo or a flute.

The third context of sound healing, done in a group and called a sound circle has evolved in many ways in the USA and Europe over the past 20 or so years.  I have coined the words "harmonic attunement" to more accurately describe this third context of sound healing.

There are many different ways its done depending on the school of thought doing it.  The French acupuncturist and sound healer, Fabien Maman prefers to do it in more of a concert like setting where healing musicians are seated on a stage or in a corner of the room while recipients sit in chairs or lie on mats and passively take part.

Many other sound healers do the group thing as part performance and allow the audience to come in with their voices later during a second session etc.

When Michelle Herrera and I founded the Sound Healing Network in Massachusetts back in 2002 we formed it with the intention of being a synergistic group consciousness collaboration rather than the result of one single teacher or guru.  In that spirit we sponsored local sound circle gatherings that were democratic and non hierarchical in the way they were run.

We would rotate each week someone to be chosen to lead the circle, but their function was only as a facilitator, and their only purpose was to come set up the environment, make announcements, start the session, keep time, and end the session.  The rest of it was all spontaneously created through the entire group. Events would proceed like magic without needing verbal or physical direction.

We believe that a group sound circle session is often guided thorough a collective conscious awareness, as if we are the musicians in the orchestra and the conductor is a higher power guiding us all in spirit.  With that said, those who are more experienced often teach those who are new the neat tricks they have learned along the way.  It is a growing tradition...

Since moving to Orcas Island, in the Salish Sea, (north west of Seattle, south of Vancouver BC, and east of Victoria BC) I have been guided to do these these harmonic attunement sound healing gatherings during the full moon.  The purpose of them is more about getting ready for powerful physical, mental, and spiritual changes that are now occurring around the globe as we enter fully into this new age that has been dawning since the 60's and now coming fully into manifestation now through 2012.

This month, during our road trip to the 11-11-11 Crystal Sculls conference in Los Angeles we had a chance to do a very powerful Full Moon Harmonic Attunement at a very powerful site: the Campbell Hot Springs in Sierraville, CA.  We did a preliminary session during the evening coming into the full moon, in the parlor of the Globe Hotel in town.

Later that morning we were called by many owls who woke us up out of bed with their persistent hooting and so we did a second more powerful session while soaking in the hot springs.  Our second session was one of the most powerful sound healing / visioning events I have yet to experience!  We sang, chanted, and tuned in with some very powerful energetic entities who inhabit the valley where the Campbell Hot springs are located.

I am writing a story about some very special owls who fly through a multidimensional portal near the north face of Turtleback Mountain (on Orcas Island) at a certain time of the year when conditions are just right.  This actually happened in a vision that came to me a few weeks ago, but what I did not know was that these owls somehow came through the portal (energetically) and visited us at the hot springs in Sierraville, CA in the early morning yesterday (November 10, 2011). 

Our Journey this month has been quite an exciting unfolding story.  There will be more stories to tell to come soon!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cosmic Allignment?

Happy New Moon fellow moon beam surfers!

So today is the day after the cosmic alignment... Or what actually did happen yesterday anyway?  It was a very contemplative time for me as this whole week has been actually!

Here is something very interesting to read during this dark moon day:

From my earliest recollections of childhood experiences, I have always always pledged to be in alignment with the highest good of all.  I have dedicated and surrendered my deepest intentions, governing values, and shared merits to the empowerment and uplifting of all life in the universe. 

Now with all that said, I admit life can be a very rough road at times.  I have had my dark moments like everyone else.  But even in my darkest kicking and screaming hour, I have always kept the commitment to the highest good for all deep within my heart!

There have been times in my life where I became strongly aware of parasitic entities such as described by Alex Grey's vision above.  I have learned over many years how to shield myself from such dark beings.  I have many unseen guides, ancestors, and loving spirits with me always who protect and guide me.

The fact is this: Energy is constantly flowing through us as we surf through the cosmic source reality of everything.  It is not stored up within us in such a way that we can be drained (like you see in so many video games).  Any sort of parasitic feeding will not deplete, since the source of energy is infinite. 

If you feel depleted... understand that is an illusion.  We feel this desperation psychologically because we have been exposed all our lives to the every day experience of the physical cycle of life and death.

In true reality, life and death are only cycles we travel on a greater journey which is infinite!  If you can let go of that concept, you will find true peace!

What actually happens is dark entities have self deluded themselves and cut themselves off through seduction of the ego.  They no longer see that through absolute love our cups are ever overflowing and we do not need to hoard since all is abundance! 

Because of their blindness and hardened hearts, these dark entities feel desperate to attach themselves to others bright energy centers (the beautiful flowers blooming) and drink from that.  Life force energy is everywhere and is multidimensional!

If these dark entities are able to reverse and deflate their self created delusions, returning to their original self loving beauty they would see their own energy centers connected already to all the abundance of the universe, and realize they have been living in a self created illusion of separation.

They will begin to see their own beautiful flowers blooming within the garden of light and abundance around them and their self appointed darkness will lift.  Their metaphoric ugly appearance will be transformed into metaphoric beauty, and rather than being parasitic they turn the whole picture around and begin exploring and sharing their own energetic creation with all the beauty and life all around them.

You know... Life can get so serious at times! I find humor to be the cure for pretty much everything!

Finding a bottle on the beach, Jake uncorks it and releases a genie.

"Ah, now you get three wishes," says the genie.
"Great!" Jake replies. "First, I want one billion dollars."
Poof! There's a flash, and a paper with Swiss bank account numbers appears in Jake's hand.

"Next, I want a nice ocean-side house in Hawaii."
Poof! Another flash, and he is holding the deed to an ocean side property in Hawaii.

"Finally," Jake says, "I want to be irresistible to women."
Poof! There's another blinding flash ...and Jake turns into a box of chocolates.

Laughter is the shortest distance between two hearts!  Keep on smiling :-)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Initial Reaction to the 9/11 Event - Revisited 10 Years Later

I wrote the article below shortly after the 9/11 event occurrence in 2001.  Today, exactly 10 years later, I decided to re-publish this article as a blog post here.

Revisiting how I felt then... much of my feelings today are the same, but I have new insights based on events and facts that followed the event to the present day.  I may follow up this post with a sequel of what I have learned about this and other events over the past decade...

My thoughts on the "Attack on America" Crisis September 11, 2001
Copyright ©, 17 September 2001, by Ben Sheppard, all rights reserved

The events of last week were very stressful on me emotionally and caused me to go through a deep re-examination process of everything I believe in.
After a week of much inner turmoil, I am still unshaken about my beliefs and convictions about war and violence which formed back during the Vietnam era while I was serving my country in a lifesaving role, as a helicopter search and rescue air crewman in the US Navy.  Back then, the evil forces were far from US soil.  It was easy for most of us young idealistic folks to protest and point fingers at the military and the establishment, carry banners for love, peace, and proclaim pacifism.

We are now in a new age and the conditions and rules have changed somewhat.  We are no longer one socioeconomic, political super power nation struggling in a balance of power against another socioeconomic, political super power nation. Rather we are in the midst of evolving into a collective union of many nations with common socioeconomic, political, humanitarian, ideals while still holding dearly to each of our separate national heritages, cultural and religious beliefs.  Try as we can, we cannot stop the slow evolution taking place. 

The advance of technology, mass transportation, and mass communication are rapidly shrinking our world to the size of a Brooklyn back yard.  This is causing many factions of fear, resistance, and reaction from all sides, both religious, economic, and cultural.  Old feuds and prejudices that go back many thousands of years, and in some cases were lying dormant, have now flared up again with full force.

I recently started reading a book by Osho titled: " Courage, The Joy of Living Dangerously" and this book has become a real beacon of light for me!  I am learning that my gut feelings are real and I must pay attention to them above all else.  For years, I have been relying on my wits, experience, and prior knowledge to help me get on with my life, when in fact it has been holding me back from achieving my true destiny.

I have become very good at surviving this way but it is not really survival at all, but a slow, dull, but comfortable death.  If you put Lobsters in a pot of sea water, and very slowly bring it to a boil, they will be happy and eventually fall asleep and die... DOH!  That was me for the past 15 years... But not anymore!

A friend of mine once came up with a phrase and I love to use it: "When the roof of your house blows off in a storm, the sky is the limit!"  Now I'm ready for action... And boy, does this world need it!  Everyone is looking for answers, for explanations, for a secure road map, so that they can feel comfortable once again, and put their heads back into the sand and go back to their benign uneventful lives.

The iron is wicked hot now and its time for us to wake up and start living.  Terrorists are willing to die for their beliefs, lets start living for ours...  My mother recently cc'd me an email paraphrasing some of Dr, Martin Luther King Jr's words in a plea she sent to President George Bush.  I was touched.

Dr. King has been a major influence in my life!  I love him dearly.  I have on many occasions sat with my face full of tears while listening to his voice over the radio and remembering...

Being a musician/composer brought up in the blues and gospel belt of the USA, has connected me very closely with my African American brothers and sisters.  I constantly feel the pulse and pain of their struggle.

Reading my mom's words was like a light going off in the darkness and I jumped on the internet to do some research of my own.  Here are a few paragraphs of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. which I feel are relative to the current state of affairs:

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Hate multiplies hate, violence multiplies violence, and toughness multiplies toughness in a descending spiral of destruction....The chain reaction of evil--hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars--must be broken, or we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation."

"We must combine the toughness of the serpent and the softness of the dove, a tough mind and a tender heart."

"Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice. Justice at its best is love correcting everything that stands against love."

"Man is man because he is free to operate within the framework of his destiny. He is free to deliberate, to make decisions, and to choose between alternatives. He is distinguished from animals by his freedom to do evil or to do good and to walk the high road of beauty or tread the low road of ugly degeneracy."

These words echo strong convictions and beliefs I hold deeply in my heart.  I know it is the correct way to respond.  We are dealing with criminals.  We are not at war with anyone or any race or religion.  It is a law enforcement issue even though the perpetrators may believe themselves it is a religious one.  I have studied these religious beliefs myself and know that there is nothing in the original scriptures condoning or praising these violent kinds of actions.

They have consciously and consistently broken many obvious universal laws against humanity, God, Allah, (insert your name for God here), including but not limited to mass murder, genocide, oppression of basic human rights, and destruction of property.  Whoever did this must be brought to justice in a correct and just manner that does not violate anyone's rights or freedom.

We must be careful not to allow ourselves to fall into the trap of becoming fearful of those we do not understand by associating them with acts and behaviors that they are not guilty of. Allowing ourselves to begin to judge others based on the color of their skin or social, religious and cultural beliefs is a dangerous road to travel.
I also believe that this issue should not be handled by the USA alone.  We need the wise counsel of our neighbors and allies who are there with us and want to help.  Handling it this way will be much more effective, gain solid integrity, and do wonders in bringing the nations of the world closer together and build trust.

It may sound trite and tired but I quote the Beatles one more time: "All You Need Is Love, Love Is All".  If we all really and sincerely try hard to practice this, the world would be transformed overnight!  It is the most powerful force in the universe and it still works.

We are all very concerned for our children.  I am a deeply spiritual person and I believe we all chose to come into this life with all of its consequences for some reason or another.  I believe our children made that same choice before they came into this world.
When my boys are old enough, I will respect their decisions and be very proud of them no matter what they choose to do in life.  I will encourage them to do it courageously and with conviction. I am trying my best through example, to teach them what I believe is the correct spiritual path, but they must make their own decisions at the end of the day.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The truth about 2012. Is the sky falling?

You know the story about Chicken Little?  "The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!"

Lately I have been reading all kinds of web posts about invisible planets, comets, or neutron stars that are coming to destroy us all!  All kinds of apocalyptic stories are in the news these days and its time to say something about all of this nonsense!

There is absolutely NOTHING in the Mayan prophecy about a mass destruction of our planet or solar system!  The Mayan prophecy and many other parallel prophecies from other traditions around the world all talk about a coming T R A N S F O R M A T I O N, not a destruction.  That transformation is happening within us all.  Its happening on the inside...

Our civilization is NOT coming to an end.  We are not about to witness some celestial event that will cause an apocalypse or mass extinction.  We are the lucky generations!  In spite of all the confusion, suffering, turmoil, natural, and planned disasters taking place in our world today we are also witnessing and experiencing a great spiritual, mental, AND physical transformation of the entire human race.  This great transformation is effecting all life in our solar system for that matter. 

When this current transformation is complete, (which began almost 20 years ago) there will be no more war, or conflict.  We will all be transformed in love and our new world a paradise of beauty and peace.  Universal peace and love will no longer be an ideal, it will be the default.  We will have Heaven on earth in every sense of what that can mean.

We have major challenges and mega work to do however...  The butterfly is emerging and many on the dark side want to throw it on the ground and squash it before it gets a chance to finish the transformation!  They are afraid because they have learned how to manipulate the world well through past ages and don't want to loose that after all the rules of the game change.

We all know...  everyone...  dark and light... that the entire game itself is changing.  All the power, and wealth in the world cannot prevent what is now happening.  This transforming evolutionary essence is coming directly from the center of our galaxy.   All living things in our solar system are effected.  Our DNA contains dormant code that is now waking up and changing us into completely new creatures.

Our sexual differences are slowly, (now more quickly) dissolving.  We are loosing our sense of individuality and separateness as we slowly develop into more of a hive mind.  Each of our individual conscious minds are slowly melting into awareness of a greater connection... one in the same with all life throughout the galaxy.  Eventually we will all begin to realize our galaxy is a singular conscious entity and that our minds and bodies are all part of this giant singular conscious entity just as you can feel individual parts of your own body connected to your whole being.

The tower tarot card was dealt beginning in the mid 60's and later marked by the harmonic convergence in 1987.  Its the beginning of the end for all in power and wealth and that card is playing out now stronger than ever right now.  Its going to mean disaster for those who currently enjoy the most opulence, and hard times at best for anyone still asleep and in denial to the changes going on all around them.

There are many among us now who have not been afraid to become fully awakened. We are letting go of old familiar ways, and beginning to embrace a growing survival instinct to come together, trust each other authentically, and build new collaborative community conscious collective lifestyles in balance, partnership, and respect for all of mother nature, not just our own kind.

We have become courageous and have surrendered, to the changes going on within and without.  We are ready to fully embrace this shift in consciousness.  We are beginning to recognize each other with an intimacy that connects us even closer than the family instinct of past ages connected us with our blood lines.

Since the 80's we have been dealt the star tarot card.  Most of us have suffered in bondage to those with all the power and wealth for thousands of years.  But the tables are now turning in our favor... "Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth" - Matthew (Sermon on the Mount).

The dark forces will no longer be at war with the light once the shift is complete.  Darkness and light separated and became adversaries thousands of years ago but now these two opposing camps will be melding back together with the return of the 5th element.

The 5th element will restore balance through the power of absolute unblemished love.  It is the child like innocent love that will bring us all back together and finally destroy fear and judgement.  This is the symbolic return of the garden of Eden.

The 5th element is the archetype of dimensional transcendence that has been missing from our collective consciousness for so long!  It is a metaphysical element not a physical one like hydrogen or oxygen.  Scientist are now beginning to discover anomalies within the discipline of Quantum Physics attributed to this 5th element archetype. 

We could not understand these anomalies in the past because the 5 element archetype was still hidden from our consciousness during those ages.  Since the middle of the 19th century, and much more now with the dawn of the 21st century, our collective consciousness has expanded and scientist are beginning to sort out this behavior with a new vision.  They are comming up with a completely new form of mathematics that explains this new transcendental, elusive, multidimensional nature.

These new discoveries are going to change all of our current understandings about everything, especially our current belief about the BIG BANG and the origin of our own known universe.  Modern science is beginning to see beyond the veil of our space time reality and will be able to peer into or even travel into other parallel dimensions.

If something can travel inter dimensionally, it can use that ability to take shortcuts through other dimensions, effectively traveling faster than the speed of light.  According to Einstein and current main stream scientific understanding, if something can travel faster than the speed of light, it will effectively be traveling backwards through time as well.

Over the next decade we will begin to "focus our microscopes", do more scientific experimentation, and create resultant technologies making time and interdimensional travel an everyday possibility.

These discoveries are all outward physical signs of the more profound evolutionary changes going on deep within us.  From a molecular level more and more of us are waking up to a feeling and physical awareness beyond our own 3 dimensional existence!  This awareness was always there for a few enlightened individuals, and shamans throughout the ages, but more and more of us are now being born with these abilities and its now reaching a critical mass among us all.  Its where our concept of "spirituality" comes from and obviously all religions talk of gods, spirits, and beings able to transcend time and space.

After the shift, darkness and light will no longer be separate... no dualism, no judgement of good or bad.  Knowledge of good and evil came with the fall.  It was a trick, an illusion that we needed to be able to survive those ages and get to where we are today.

Eventually our scientific knowledge will come to the understanding that matter and energy are all constructs and that our universe is nothing more than a smoke and mirrors trick.  The reality we currently see, touch, and feel is a very small piece of a much larger multidimensional reality in constant flux.

Like a beautiful butterfly we are breaking out of the old mold as new transformed beings and we will soon be flying far beyond the reaches of our old familiar world.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Lovers & The Butterfly

a new poem
by Ben Sheppard - 20 August 2011
another time,
another dimension,

two friends stand alone together walking through the world,
their love is childlike, innocent, hidden, protected,
inspirational beacons... throughout the ages,
committed... supporting... creative independence,
both freely choose to explore each others mystical pool.

diving into each other...
they come to a place where they find others,
others who dove into other mystical pools,
here they all stand...
in a circle around a deep mystical pool of iridescence,

drunk with love...
everyone dives in fearlessly...

within the iridescence...

a great transformation...
multidimensional interlinking...
a deep timeless quiet...  

a darkness..............................................................

an emergence...

a cobalt blue toric mist spins into existence
the most beautiful wings of all stories ever told unfold and take shape,
a brand new beautiful creature slowly stumbles into multidimensional self awareness,
the beautiful creature is pregnant,
she gives birth to a new universe,
where two friends meet...

another time,
another dimension,